International Fair of Racing Pigeons

4 - 6 January 2019


EXPOGołebie - the most important event for pigeon breeders in Poland...
...and Central and Eastern Europe!


The International Fair of Racing Pigeons EXPOGołębie is considered the most important Polish event addressed at the breeders and enthusiasts of racing pigeons. During this edition of the fair in Expo Silesia, the visitors had the chance to learn about the product range of almost 200 companies and breeders from Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Germany. The product range from foreign firms comprised over 30% of all the products. The fair was visited by dozen thousand visitors.


The fair was held together with the 68. National Exhibition of Racing Pigeons organized by the Polish Association of Racing Pigeon Breeders [PZHGP]. The exhibition featured the fastest and the best racing pigeons in Poland and the representation for the Olympiad of Racing Pigeons. It was the perfect opportunity to meet Polish champions, exchange experiences and meet fellow breeders.

The most impressive part of the fair was the product range from pigeon breeders and sellers. Also, the product range was present by producers and distributors of feed, vitamins, dovecots, trophies and electronic and transport systems produced for racing pigeons. There were also representatives of veterinary clinics, as well as trade magazines and portals. 



Why take part in the EXPOPigeons Fair?

  • It is the most important event for enthusiasts of racing pigeons in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe
  • The range of products of almost 150 producers, distributors and breeders
  • Thousands of visitors from Poland and abroad
  • The most 'international' fair in Expo Silesia - over 30% of exhibitors are from abroad
  • Very satisfying sales results declared by exhibitors
  • The leading fastest and most beautiful racing pigeons in the country
  • Experience and fair success - continued growth of the most important indicators (number of Exhibitors, size of exhibition, and particularly - number of Visitors) is a cause for satisfaction and gives additional strength for organizing the 11th edition of that event.


Join us during the next edition of EXPOGolebie from 10th to 12th January 2020!