International Welding Fair

16 - 18 October 2018

The range of products and services ExpoWELDING 2018:
Profile for exhibit will include:

  •     MMA welding and weld surfacing equipment
  •     MIG/MAG welding and weld surfacing equipment
  •     TIG welding and weld surfacing equipment
  •     Submerged arc welding and weld surfacing equipment
  •     Plasma arc welding and weld surfacing equipment
  •     High energy (laser or electron beam) welding equipment
  •     Laser cutting machines
  •     CNC plasma and flame cutting machines
  •     Other plasma cutting equipment
  •     Other gas cutting or welding equipment
  •     Stud welding equipment
  •     Resistance welding equipment
  •     Soldering and brazing equipment
  •     Control, monitoring and measurement equipment
  •     Plastic welding equipment
  •     Welding robots and automats (specialized welding stations)
  •     Mechanization and automation means for welding technologies
  •     Metal spraying equipment
  •     Industrial safety and environmental protection equipment
  •     Welded joints inspection equipment
  •     Heat, mechanical and electrochemical treatment equipment as well as temperature measurement and recording equipment
  •     Vibratory stabilizers for welded constructions
  •     Machines and systems for weld preparations and other equipment
  •     Covered electrodes
  •     Welding wires
  •     Non-consumable electrodes
  •     Submerged arc welding fluxes
  •     Welding rods and metals powders
  •     Soldering and brazing materials
  •     Welding gases, including shielding mixtures
  •     Etching fluids and pastes, anti-adhesion agents, markers, temperature indicating crayons, etc.
  •     Welding backings
  •     Materials for testing welded joints
  •     Metal plates, including hardfaced ones, structural shapes, pipes, etc.
  •     Other materials
  •     Welding software
  •     Training for welders and welding supervisors
  •     Certification of welding staff, products and quality systems
  •     Classification of welded construction manufacturers
  •     Supervision and inspection
  •     Other services (e.g.: laser cutting, plasma cutting, overhauls, maintenance, etc.)
  •     Specialist publications