International Welding Fair

16 - 18 October 2018





The conference is not only aimed at presenting scientific achievements and evaluating the current state of knowledge in welding. It also serves as an adequate forum allowing to integrate Polish research communities with engineers and technologists working in the industry and to exchange experience with foreign centres. Welding Conference takes place during the International Welding Fair ExpoWELDING in Sosnowiec. This constitutes an additional factor contributing to the exchange of experience between science and practice.




On 17 October 2018
a thematic session “Chain of suppliers of welded structures and NDT services in the construction of a nuclear power plant” shall be held under the 60th International Welding Conference.  More details can be found here.


The 58th Scientific and Technical Welding Conference accompanying ExpoWELDING fair in 2016 was attended by 350 persons. They had an opportunity to familiarise themselves with 24 papers, 10 of which were prepared by authors representing research centres and foreign companies.


Oprócz wystąpień na sesji plenarnej, uczestnicy konferencji mogli zapoznać się z wynikami badań polskich naukowców przedstawionymi w formie 14 posterów. Wszystkie wygłaszane referaty zostały opublikowane w piątym numerze “Institute of Welding Bulletin”.


Contact Details of the Organiser:

Instytut Spawalnictwa
44-100 Gliwice, ul. Bł. Czesława 16-18, Poland

Secretariat of the conference:

Małgorzata Stupera

phone no. +48 32 33-58-395
e-mail: Malgorzata.Stupera@is.gliwice.pl

Iwona Kender

phone no. +48 32 33-58-222
e-mail: Iwona.Kender@is.gliwice.pl