Sosnowiec and the region

When visiting the Voivodship we also recommend a trip to the extensive  Voivodship Park of Leisure and Culture featuring attractions such as the Silesian Zoological Garden,  a planetarium and ethnographic park.

Upper Silesia is also a region of attractive old town squares and historic buildings  e.g.  Bytom, Gliwice or Mysłowice.

Whilst in the area it is worth visiting the vicinity of Dąbrowa Górnicza where, in and around Błędów there is a unique tract of desert land. Striking panoramic views can also be admired from the top of the medieval castle tower in Będzin.

More information on the  subject of theses and other tourist attraction of the Silesian  Voivodship can be obtained from the website of the Marshals Office in Katowice.

Like the whole Silesian Voivodship the Sosnowiec town is worthy of praise for its array of recreational parks and open spaces with numerous ponds such as the Sielecki Park, or the park on Kresowa Street adjacent to the Peoples Stadium as well as other places of interest associated with history and events e.g. the Schoen Palace, housing The Triangle of Three Emperors Museum or the onion domed orthodox church. More information available on the  Sosnowiec Town Hall and Municipal Offices website.