Rehabilitation Fair

20 - 21 April 2018


Rehabilitation Fair 

in Sosowiec, Poland

20- 21 April 2018


Thank You all for visiting. See You in next year.

For patients health and welfare!

We would like to thank you for participation in the premiere edition of the REHexpo - Rehabilitation Fair.

The exhibition was a great opportunity to meet with specialists and experts in the field of medical rehabilitation, physiotherapy, osteopathy, orthopaedics, balneotherapy and health care. In one place producers and distributors of rehabilitation equipment presented their products utilizing the latest technological advancements and innovations.

The Fair hosted a number of seminars as workshop showcases and demonstrations designed to highlight the newest achievements in rehabilitation, health care and information crucial to physicians, therapists, medical caretakers, personal trainers, pedagogues and many others.


Braci Mieroszewskich 124, Sosnowiec 41-219, Poland



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