Rehabilitation Fair

12 - 13 April 2019

Equipment for rehabilitation rooms, offices of rehab physicians, rehabilitation facilities, physiotherapy centres and units, and the hospital wards:
    - physical therapy
    - kinesiotherapy
    - hydrotherapy
    - functional diagnostics
    - therapeutic/psychomotor equipment


    - cardiac
    - neurology
    - orthopedic
    - other specialisation

Orthopaedic supplies:
    - prostheses
    - orthoses

Sport and rehabilitation equipment


Biomedical Engineering


Spa healthcare

Transport and mobility:

    - transport of the disabled
    - wheelchairs, vehicles
    - gait re-education

Removal of architectural barriers:

    - in the buildings, flats, at workplaces
    - equipment

Work ergonomics and ergotherapy

Aids for:

    - blind and visually impaired persons
    - deaf persons
    - mute persons and persons with speech disorders

Medical equipment

Health products

Equipment and products for biological regeneration:

      - saunas, jacuzzis
      - equipment for massage offices
      - cosmetic products

Specialist publications

Institutions, associations, organisations

Consulting and services