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Organization of fairs

The core business of Expo Silesia is organisation of fairs. We are able to organize any fair event, not only in our facilities but also in other Polish cities (e.g. Book Fair in Katowice) and abroad.

We are a young company but we already managed to build extensive experience in the organization of fairs. During the seven years of our business we have organized over 250 fairs, attended by more than 20,000 companies. Our fair expositions hosted over 500,000 visitors.  

Expo Silesia is located in the largest industrial agglomeration of Poland and many of the events organized by us were hosted in our region for the first time ever.  They were, for example, communication or hunting fair. The agenda of our trade fairs is in permanent development. We are constantly looking for new topics for exhibitions to be organized.  

We invite you to co-organize fair events at Expo Silesia. We are open to new ideas and initiatives. Together we can make them real.

Contact person:

Maciej Szumiec
tel.: +48 32 7887 505
mob.: +48 510 030 326
e-mail: maciej.szumiec@exposilesia.pl