Rent a facility


EXPO SILESIA - perfect place for your event!!!

Take advantage of the Expo Silesia and organise your own: 

  • fair
  • exhibitions
  • seminars
  • symposia
  • meetings with contractors 
  • company events
  • any other events you can think of!


We will make the following object fully available:

  • exhibition hall with surface area of 13,000 square meters
  • external exhibition area of 20,000 square meters
  • fully equipped Conference Centre  


It is possible to rent a part of the outer or inner exhibition surface or an individual conference room.

If you are interested in organising your event at Expo Silesia do not hesitate and contact:

Przemysław Gontarczyk
mobile phone: 515 220 042


Expo Silesia General Terms and Conditions of Rental (details of cooperation are individually negotiated):

  • available dates
  • the nature of event should not collide with the events that are already scheduled 
  • A customer shall read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Rental Contract
  • A customer shall make appropriate prepayment within 7 days from the date of Facility Rental Contract