International Medical Devices and Health Care Showroom

23 - 24 October 2020



We invite you to participate in the International Medical Devices and Health Care Showroom CAREexpo which will be held on 23-24 October 2020 in Expo Silesia Fair and Exhibition Centre in Sosnowiec.

CAREexpo is an excellent opportunity to present products, establish new contacts and learn about new solutions used in short and long-term care services. The Showroom will feature companies, organisations, institutions and specialist publishers associated with medical equipment and aid.

Why participate in CAREexpo?

  • latest developments in the industry
  • seminar and workshop zones
  • special demonstration zones
  • close cooperation with partners, institutions and industry-related media
  • rich programme of accompanying events
  • location in the centre of the largest urban area

We address our invitation to visit CAREexpo especially to:

  • specialists in health care, medical care and health prevention, including nurses, carers, physicians, physiotherapists, psychologists, nutritionists, social workers, occupational therapists, assistants for the elderly,
  • owners and managers of hospitals, health centres, clinics, short and long-term care facilities, nursing homes, medical and care facilities and sanatoriums,
  • employees of organisations, associations and foundations from the industry,
  • everyone interested in the topic.



In the same time:


International Rehabilitation Fair

Expo Silesia
Braci Mieroszewskich 124,
Sosnowiec 41-219, Poland

It will be great o see you!