International Medical Devices and Health Care Showroom

23 - 24 October 2020

Thematic scope:

Control and measurement instruments:
- equipment for intensive treatment
- vital parameters monitoring systems

Diagnostic and testing equipment:
- medical imaging machines
- equipment for specialised medical examinations

Auxiliary equipment:

- inhalers and inhalation accessories
- manometers
- personal equipment

Disposable medical supplies and equipment

Equipment for hospital wards, medical facilities, clinics, medical offices and treatment rooms:
- medical furniture, beds, mattresses
- medical tables, trolley drawer tables, trolley carts
- bathroom facilities
- frames, hoists
- equipment supply systems

Health protection:

- sanitary equipment and hygiene systems
- clothing, footwear and medical bags

Transport systems

- elevators
- escalators

Communication and information systems:
- software
- databases
- data processing equipment and systems
- communication equipment and systems
- telemedicine


Specialist publishers

Institutions, associations, organisations

Consulting and services