Power Industry Exhibition

4 - 5 March 2010

Honorary auspice of the Fair and Conference has been provided by prof. Jerzy Buzek – President of the European Parliament

Ladies and Gentlemen,


            Południowy Koncern Energetyczny S.A.  (The Southern Poland Power Company) TAURON S.A. and Expo Silesia invite you to participate in the second edition "Silesia Power Meeting" - a combination of a conference on issues relating to the industrial utilization of clean power generation technologies and the Power Industry Exhibition, which is dedicated to power generation, including new (clean) technologies.

            Silesia Power Meeting is devoted to all sectors of the power industry. Designing and implementing a jointly prepared development and investment project for business entities operating on this market is currently one of the most important tasks that the Polish economy is faced with. The continuously growing demand for electricity - taking into consideration the generation, transmission and distribution assets becoming increasingly obsolete - will affect not only national security and power supply reliability, but also degradation of the natural environment. Therefore, the necessity to exchange experience and, consequently, plan and take joint actions is a vital element in the strategy of the economic development of the country.

            Realizing the significance of these issues, we have decided to organize the Conference on "Clean Coal Technologies" and an accompanying event, the Power Industry Exhibition, and to give them a joint name - the SILESIA POWER MEETING. The purpose of this project is to provide researchers and scientists with a platform for exchanging information and opinions, in addition to presenting achievements of companies and research centres operating on the power industry market. 


Both these events will be attended by:


  • business entities specializing in power trading, production and distribution
  • producers and distributors of power generation, transmission and distribution equipment
  • companies and organizations providing information, advisory and financial services within areas related to many areas of the power industry (including renewable sources of energy)
  • scientists and researchers
  • wholesale establishments specializing in electrical installations