International Fair of Surface Protection

19 - 21 October 2010


We wish to invite you to a fair devoted to the protection of steel, concrete and wooden surfaces and technologies of surface preparation and finishing. Leading experts in the field will come to the International Fair of Surface Protection – Surfprotect 2010, taking place from 19th to 21st October in Expo Silesia Exhibition Centre.

Our exhibitors have prepared a range of presentations for the visitors of Surfprotect 2010. Among new products presented at the Fair will be a thermal spraying chamber presented by SciTeeX Group, a new line of chemical products for metal surface treatment from Alufinish Polska, and new types of anti-corrosive paints presented by Jotun. These are only a few of the attractions we have prepared for our visitors.

On the second day of the fair we will host an International Seminar organized by the Institute of Precision Mechanics, entitled "The Use of Metal Coatings in Corrosion Protection." Among the speakers will be scientists from the Kielce University of Technology and experts dealing with anti-corrosion coatings on a daily basis from Corrosion Protection Plants. Among the subjects tackled during lectures and follow-up discussions will be technological requirements that have to be met for steel structures to be hot-dip galvanized and corrosion resistance properties and operation costs of zinc-based coatings.

Dlaczego warto uczestniczyć w targach Surfprotect?
  • it's the only fair of its kind in Southern Poland
  • it's new technologies in the most industrialized region in Poland
  • it's a range of new products, presented never before
  • it's a wonderful opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience, learn about modern solutions and technological achievements
Last year, over 100 exhibitors presented themselves at Surfprotect. During the Fair, Expo Silesia Exhibition Centre was visited by 3400 professionals.

Two other fairs will take place along with Surfprotect – the International Welding Fair ExpoWELDING and the International Fair for Steel, Non-ferrous Metals, Technologies and Products SteelMET.

SURFPROTECT – win customers. And the battle against rust…