Transport and Forwarding Expo

9 September 2020


TRANSPORTEX Transport and Forwarding Expo

9th of September
One day, many possibilities


Accopmanying events:


  • Discussion panel Financing investments in transport and forwarding




  • Conference ANDROID Revolution - changes in mobile operating systems 

  • Training 4 pillars of international transport - road, sea, air and rail transport



  • Workshop Process optimization using KAIZEN tools


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  • Workshop GDPR in transport

TRANSPORTEX – the path to success


TRANSPORTEX is an event to which we invite directors and owners of transport companies, carriers, producers and distributors looking for solutions in the area of transport technologies and services, owners of rolling stock, forwarders, representatives of courier companies, managers of ports and handling terminals, providers of logistics services and investors.




The event is an opportunity to establish valuable relations, learn about new products in the transport and forwarding industry, as well as present your company with the products and services it offers. Thanks to the wide and diverse thematic scope, everyone will have the opportunity to learn about the specificities of different areas related to transport.
Thematic scope


• latest products from the transport and forwarding industry;
• the opportunity to gain valuable business contacts;
• an opportunity to present services and products;
• industry visitors;
• consultation and seminar areas;
• Exhibition and Conference Centre tailored to the clients' needs;
• convenient location - the Silesian agglomeration is an excellent transport and logistics base.

At the same time the Showroom of Logistics and Warehousing will take place.

Showroom of Logistics and Warehousing

Fair of Public Transport

 Showroom of Workshop

New layer